Help! My coworker thinks he smells great – he doesn’t!

Dear Tabby

First, full disclosure, my nose is pretty sensitive. Smells really get me going, good and bad, so keep that in mind…So I’ve been hanging with some cats from work lately and they’re all the coolest. Except Ralph. He’s nice enough from a distance, and we’ve actually shared some pretty funny text threads – his memes are so funny! He had that one with blue flamingos dancing on the casino table – it was hi-lar-ious! But Ralph up close? Ewww. He smells like a wet skunk. It’s the grossest. The worst part is – he thinks it smells great – “musky” is what he calls it…I think he has it specially formulated. Ugh. I don’t want to make Ralph feel bad, but I just can’t stand to be around him without having a hairball come up. But I still want to hang out with the clowder, so I’m trying to figure out how to cover up the stench – I’ve even taken to rubbing catnip oil on my nose before going out when I know Ralph will be there…i’m desperate!  Any advice for dealing with this stinky cat?


No Odoriferous Scent Excuses

Dear N.O.S.E.

A clowder is a complicated thing, to be sure. And it seems like you recognize the need to try and accommodate other cats as best you can – that’s a great start. But if Ralph is not aware that his odor is bothering you, it’s not a fair situation. While it might be a hard conversation, I’d encourage you to reach out to Ralph and talk with him about your struggle with scent.  It’s possible Ralph could be unaware of his affect on you – after all, every cat smells a little different than the next. Before you do anything drastic it seems like a simple friendly face to face conversation is the best first step. At minimum it will give Ralph the opportunity to try and take your needs into consideration. If that does not get to an amicable resolution, or if you prefer to is there another cat you could reach out to to have a non-confrontational conversation? Sometimes involving another cat is a great way of getting fellow cats to figure out how to coexist. In any case, being part of a clowder is not easy, but direct and non-judgemental communication often is the best policy. Let me know “nose” how it works out 😉


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